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James Taylor is one of the great British Hammond organ players of his generation and JTQ are a great live outfit celebrating 30 joyous years on the road, but this concert offers a chance to hear something brand new. Audio Network commissioned James to record a beautifully cinematic album with orchestra at Abbey Road, and Soundtrack from Electric Black is the result. Combining the influences of Lalo Schifrin and Oliver Nelson in his own very distinctive way, it is beautifully cinematic and dramatic, with a great mix of Hammond-driven funk and glorious strings – and we are delighted to be premiering this new album at the EFG London Jazz Festival.

The Man In The Hot Seat

The James Taylor Quartet celebrates its latest album, Man in the Hot Seat with a special one-off concert featuring a full orchestra.

The JTQ Story

For a quarter of a century, the James Taylor Quartet have set the standard for the coolest sounds in funky acid jazz.

All Music Is One

“I think it’s an album that people will still speak about in ten years’ time because it’s so odd”,

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